Company – Introduction

The people at B&A Asset are diverse, disciplined and curious. We believe that successful investment is ultimately about great mentorship, community-building, hard work, and trust. We always look for industries and markets that are ripe for improvement with large attractive potential outcomes. Our primary areas of interest are commercial real estates, publicly traded companies, venture startups, and privately held companies.

B&A Asset is a trusted partner for exceptional entrepreneurs. We grow together with a wide range of companies who demonstrate strong potential for building great businesses. We aren’t just building up a portfolio, we are building relationships with founders who are driven to do big things.

We blend our institutional investing expertise with strong operating experience to support and advise growing businesses, empowering them to build companies that are the best in their class. We aspire to make the world a better place through our investments – Everything that we do is designed to cultivate a better marketplace for Invention.


Jong (Sean) Lee, Executive managing director

2002, Founded an e-commerce company, Monoprice, Inc. >> Website

2002-2011, CEO of Monoprice, Inc. (California, USA) CEO

2002-2013, Board Chair of Monoprice, Inc. (California, USA)

(Monoprice ranked 357, 197, and 472 respectively in year 2009, 2010, and 2011 among the fastest growing private companies in the US by INC 500. For the twelve months ending June 30, 2013, Monoprice generated revenues of $131.1 million, and adjusted EBITDA of $16.0 million. It was acquired by US NASDAQ listed Blucora, Inc. in August, 2013.) >> News

2014-2016, Member of the Board – HelloNature (Acquired by SK Planet) >> Website

2015-2017, Member of the Board – Leisure Q (Acquired by Yanolja) >> Website

2014-present, Executive managing director – Green Frog, Inc.

2017-present, Executive managing director – B&A Asset, Inc.